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Contact a professional screenwriting service. Our screenwriters work as ghostwriters to turn your idea into a polished and marketable screenplay.

We strive ourselves in offering screenwriting services that are both professional and affordable.

The average screenplay is approximately 100 pages, 1 page per on-screen minute. We charge just $50 per page, which means you can order an original, 100-page screenplay for just $5000. 100 pages/minutes is the ideal length for a screenplay. 

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A quality screenwriting service will have open for the communications.  The screen writing services should have a phone number and they should answer the phone when customers and potential customers call.  Check to see that they have a pay phone number and then call to make sure they will be communicative and answer.  In addition, by calling and speaking with the screenwriter you will get a better sense of his or her abilities.  The more tools for communication offered via the screen writing service the better.  For instance, they may even have an instant messenger client on their website where visitors can ask questions and receive instant answers about their writing services.  In addition, more and more writers are no realizing the benefits of utilizing text message.

Collaborative Writing

Since the screenwriting process is a collaborative process, it is important that you have a means to communicate with your screenwriter.  The four certain genres such as biographies and memoirs, you will need to share much of your life experience with the writer.  This can be done through a series of interviews.  With the client’s permission, it can be highly beneficial to record the conversations so the writer can rewind and playback at his or her own leisure.  In addition, clients can record of parts of their story through an audio recorder and then e-mail the audio files.  


Many people looking for a screenwriting service are weary to hire someone because they do not want to invest a substantial amount of money with the potential of hiring a writer who may be ill suited for the job.  Even with all the best feedback and testimonials there is still the chance that’s the collaboration will simply not work out well.  For this reason and for your own self assurance it is ideal to hire a screenwriter who offers installments.  If a screen writing service offers installments, then the client can order 10 pages at a time for example.  In this way, the customer will be able to track the progress and invest only one 10th of the overall cost and any one particular time.  In addition, the person who hired to the screenwriter will be able to provide feedback to the screenwriter who can then make edits before moving on to the next section.


The screenwriting service should have experts in the particular genre.  For example, if you have a horror script you want to write them and make sure you hire a horror screenwriter as opposed to a screenwriter who specializes in another area such as romance or comedy.  Although there are exceptions to this rule and some screenwriters are quite diverse and able to write across multiple genre make sure they are experts in the genre you want.

Teams of Screenwriters

There is an added advantage of hiring from a screenwriting service because a team of professional screenwriters who represent a multitude of screenwriting expertise.  After all, screenwriting tends to be a collaborative process.  If two heads are better than one, then half a dozen screenwriters will certainly be more effective than a lone screenwriter, especially if there is an adept as head or lead screenwriter who organizes and manages the team of screenwriters.

Screenwriting Format

Screenwriters who failed to follow the proper screenwriting format will instantly be rejected by directors and filmmakers who are seeking new screenplays to buy.  Directors and filmmakers are busy people and if the screenwriter does not even know the proper screenwriting format, then the odds are he or she does not know how to write a good screenplay.  As such, such scripts will instantly wind up in the garbage.  Make sure to follow precise screenwriting format and submission requirements.


When hiring screenwriting services, make sure to check his or her references and feedback from former clients.  In the rare case that the screenwriter offers his services online on a website that permits customers to leave feedback, then you will have a far greater chance of successfully verifying the writer’s skills.  If the writer has hundreds of satisfied customers then the odds are you too will be satisfied with the writing services.

Writing Samples
Obtaining screenwriting samples can be a little bit tricky since many screenwriters work as ghostwriters and have signed a non disclosure agreement.  Nonetheless, the there is bound to be at least one client who is willing to reveal that he hired a ghostwriter.  If so, that screenplay can be used as a sample.  Other times, the screenwriter for hire will have written his or her own screenplay, which can serve as their writing sample. Professional screenwriting services have writing samples.

Screenwriting Service - Why to Use a Professional Screenwriting Service


When wanting to create a screenplay, some people think that hiring a regular, run-of-the-mill writer will suffice.  Although sourcing out the work is often a good idea, as many of us do not have sufficient writing experience ourselves, many typical writers do not know the first thing about writing screenplays.  For this reason, it is important to go with a screenwriting service in order to turn your idea into a sellable manuscript.  The writers that work for these services have plenty of experience with this specific type of writing which will go a long way in turning your vision into a reality.  Not only that, but they can usually offer these services at cut-rate prices that are much more competitive than other sources. 


Choosing to go with a screenwriting service for your movie project will ensure that the writer assigned to your project will have both the knowledge and the experience to turn your story into a much-coveted screenplay.  The dialogue and format of a movie manuscript are much different than that of a traditionally-written, narrative story.  First, the amount of text corresponds to a specific amount of running time on the big screen.  This means that the length is very important.  A screenplay that does not translate to approximately 90 minutes of running time on film simply will not be able to get sold. 


In addition to the set-length necessary for writing a screenplay, it also needs to use a particular style of dialogue.  Whereas novel writing can be very descriptive and moderately paced, screenwriting needs to be very direct and to the point in order to keep the story going.  Even a drama needs to move at a much quicker pace than a narrative-type book.  What might take several pages in a novel, will most likely only take a few paragraphs in a screenplay.  This is because much of the story is told visually.  A screenwriting service knows all of the ins and outs of this particular kind of writing. 


Although many people think that any writer can write a screenplay, this idea can do you a major disservice.  Some may have a bit of experience in screenwriting, but when you are serious about your story or idea and want it to be made into a movie, you will want to find someone that works specifically with this kind of writing.  A screenwriting service can ensure that you will be working with writers that have a successful track record when it comes to creating professional, sellable screenplays.