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Top 10 Screenwriting Tips
Top 10 Screenwriting Tips


Screenwriting Tip #1 – Learn from the Past

The most essential quality of every scriptwriter is originality. For this reason, it is important to watch various films. The classics are timeless. When you learn what have already existed, then you can avoid doing accidental duplication of ideas. In the process, you are also able to acquire new ideas. This is also an opportunity for you to differentiate what makes a film good and what makes a film bad.

Screenwriting Tip 2 – Don’t try too hard to appear clever

An important skill required in writing is the ability to make intricate ideas appear easy to easy and comprehensible. Some of the most popular films reach success for this reason. Trying to make their screenplays seem multifaceted and smart is a common mistake among writers in Europe.

Screenwriting Tip #3 Story Structure

A script is consists of a beginning, middle and conclusion. When you are aware these stages, more importantly, understand each one, it will be easy for you to manipulate the structure of your story. Literary technique effectively gives a twist to the written work.

Screenwriting Tips #4 – You need to be talking about something

Some of the important elements of a good story are the presence of a particular subject from which the story revolves around on and an objective that the main character tries to reach. You should easily be able to tell your story to other people since all events are connected to each other in developing towards the achievement of the goal. The usual flow of a plot begins with a person who experiences having his status quo cut off. Then the drama springs from the ventures the person takes to find a resolution to his problem.

Screenwriting Tips #5 – 90 minutes – that’s all it should take!

If you intend to sell your screenplay and have it shown on screen, then you have to make sure that the movie will not run for more than 90 minutes.

The common on-screen duration on one page of screenplay is one minute. So that means that you have to make sure that you write a screenplay of not more than 90 pages. If it does go beyond that number, then make sure that your screenplay is a good one – good enough that cinemas will be willing to sacrifice profit equivalent of one showing a day which they will lose when they air movies that run more than a 100 minutes.

Screenwriting Tips #6 – Choose your protagonist

The protagonist plays an important role in every story. They can come in different forms. In fact they can be lifeless objects or even a place, although most of the time they are in the form of one person or a group of persons. A must-have quality for a protagonist is that they should be able to captivate readers regardless of whether they are agreeable or not.

Screenwriting Tip #7 – Create an imprint

To keep the interest of viewers, you need to keep a deferral of incredulity. This is not an easy task. There are, however, some stories wherein you can easily incorporate such feature. Just make sure that every scene and plot is plausible.

Screenwriting Tips #8 – Being linear is not good

Keeping at least two subplots is very helpful. It is able to give movies an advantage since it makes changing tone and tempo possible. 

Screenwriting Tip #9 – Originality is a must

This is a universal guideline mostly written in “How to Write” books and articles. When you start to write, you need to follow your own ideas. Write the things you want to write and not just because it has what other successful writers have written.  Why do successful movies make it big?  They are not afraid to be different.

Screenwriting Tip #10 – You need talent

Talent is very important when it comes to screenwriting. No matter how many writing courses you take and how many mentors you have, you will not benefit much from then unless you have the gift. It takes talent to know the things that should be written and should not be even with the absence of formal education on writing.